Valleyview Gun Club


Valleyview Gun Range has been experiencing some damage caused by careless handling of firearms that has caused damage to some our expensive equipment (solar panels, sporting clay machines and control plugs as well as signs).  This is caused from improper posting of targets or shooting without attention to where firearms have been discharged.  In the future, please take extra precaution as to where the firing line is and where firearms are directed.  NEW FIRING LINE SIGNS HAVE BEEN POSTED.  If shooters continue to fire beyond indicated firing line, we will be placing a Range Safety Officer for safety reasons. Damage is now going to cost our club a significant amount to repair or replace.  DO NOT PLACE TARGETS ON SUPPORT POSTS.  These are expensive to replace.

We have operated a very successful range with membership fees kept as low as possible.  If this damage continues, we may have to resort to raising our fees to cover the cost of repair or replacement of equipment, support posts or take away the unsupervised status that now exists and put a Range Safety Officer in place.

Please leave the gate unlocked and open while the range is occupied in the event that emergency vehicles should be required. Only lock the gate when you have signed out and are leaving the range.

If you are using our range and see action that you feel is damaging or unsafe, please report these unsafe practices to one of the following:
Bernie Olanski,  - 780-524-7955
Laurel Hyatt,  - 780-524-2570 or 524-8619
Fred Olanski - 780-524-8707

Please READ and OBEY all signs.  They are there for a reason and it will help to maintain the range.  Please treat our Gun Range with respect. Please remember that our range is not a playground and ALL children MUST be supervised to avoid injury to them and damage to our facility.

Your co-operation has been appreciated and we hope you will continue to enjoy the use of VALLEYVIEW GUN RANGE.

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